Pure art by pure soul…

Years ago, beautiful and young woman received a gift to
Heal people from their daily stress by energetic and metaphysical abilities
giving to her from beyond 

That young woman mentally and physically helped so many people
 in a way that in no time groups of all layers of society waited on her 
doorsteps just to feel her unique energy of love
 She has been blessed with a gift of healing love frequency to help others in many ways
However her own fairytale had to wait… the right time has yet to come

One day that magical woman has been invited by one of her students
for a small chat at the student house, the student knew a young business man
with a different gift

By his gift he helped people to empower their self-awareness and in addition he received
the ability to communicate direct with people self-consciousness
He trigger them to their best

A week after they met each other the unexplainable happened
The two young of age suddenly felt that they must see each other again
but not because of attraction or passion or even love as known to all
It was something else, something they can not explain

when the two met for the second time they knew that with or without an explanation
they will live together and love each other for the rest of their lives

One day the young man opened her computer and was amazed
He discovered files over files of pure and unique art that his chosen one
created over the years but never mentioned any of it

When he asked her where do you get the ideas for your art
she laughed and say… It is not my art it is only my hand
I do not know the painter but I know his energy
when I feel his guidance I open the computer and let him do the rest

Every creation has its own unique healing frequency!


                                  THE END

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